The future development of the drip molding industry

Many of the questions raised about the development of the drip molding profession are not optimistic, such as the severe impact of the global financial crisis on the unreasonable industrial structure and the concentration of industry on labor-intensive commodities; Technology intensive commodities are significantly lagging behind prosperous industrial countries; The decisive effect of production factors is gradually weakening; Industrial energy consumption is high, output rate is low, environmental pollution is severe, and the destruction of natural resources is strengthened; The overall scale of the company, lack of technological innovation, poor efficiency in traditional industrial manufacturing, high energy consumption, and outdated management have led to uneven development of the drip molding industry. So currently, in order to achieve long-term development and efficient production in the drip molding industry, it is necessary to introduce new technologies and talents. Good drip molding does not solely rely on the quality of the adhesive. For the pressure time injection molding method, many machine related factors affect the dripability and the formation of adhesive points. The inner diameter of the needle tip is crucial for the formation of adhesive points. The pressure used by high-speed equipment can start the drip molding cycle at a fixed time before the needle nozzle is in place. The retraction speed and height of the needle tip, as well as the delay between the drop molding and the needle tip retraction, all affect the shape of the adhesive point and the pull wire.





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